Dear subscribers! Please pass metrics from the 1st to 5th of each month and in the case of gas smell, emergency call 104 If gas smell detects, call 104
In case you are a natural person - a consumer of natural gas (including a private entrepreneur) and have a personal account open to you,we recommend you to register.Upon registration, a Personal Account will be created for you, from which it is convenient to view the current tariffs, the available balance, as well as the entire history of payments and meter readings.In addition, from your personal office you have the opportunity to pay directly for the consumed gas.To register, you must specify:
- Personal account number;
- The sum of the last time payment for gas;
- E-mail address.
Pay special attention: the email address must be valid, it serves as the login to enter the Personal Cabinet.
* The amount is entered completely with a penny, through a dot
* From 15.05.2017 there is a decree of the President of Ukraine on the enactment of the decision of the National Security and Defense Council, which provides for the blocking of a number of Russian sites in the country.In this regard, the mail addresses of Russian resources (, yandex, etc.) can not be used for registration.Use the email address of services not forbidden in Ukraine (e.g.,,,,,, etc.).