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Activities of the Company

Private Joint-Stock Company on Gas Supply and Gasification “Ternopilgaz” operates within the licensed territory and operates on the basis of current legislation of Ukraine, the Articles of Association approved by the General Meeting of Shareholders and internal documents of the Company. 


The main activity is provision of services for the distribution of gaseous fuel through local pipelines from the places of its supply to natural gas consumers, taking into account its qualitative and physico-chemical characteristics. Natural gas distribution activities are carried out on the basis of a license issued by the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission  (Resolution nr. 815 dd. June 19, 2017).  
“Ternopilgaz” also provides:  

  • reliable and safe operation, maintenance in proper condition and development (construction) of gas distribution system, which is legally in use;
  • guaranteed level of natural gas distribution;
  • performance of a complex of works on operation of gas distribution systems;
  • providing consumers with natural gas;
  • development of the gas complex, preservation of existing and creation of new production-technical and technological connections.


“Ternopilgaz” also carries out other activities that are directly related to the maintenance of gas distribution equipment to the consumers and implementation of which is not provided by the license conditions and the Gas Distribution Systems Code, in particular:

  • maintenance of gas distribution networks owned by the consumer; 
  • preparation of design and estimate documents; 
  • carrying out works on gasification of the objects; 
  • construction of gas distribution networks; 
  • repair of gas-using equipment; 
  • repair of gas equipment; 
  • cleaning of flue and ventilation ducts; 
  • termination of gas supply under the supplier’s order, etc. 


In its work, “Ternopilgaz” strives to ensure the sustainable dynamic development of the region’s gas supply system, and openness and attention to consumers is its top priority.