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Gas meters standardization

Gas meters are means of measuring equipment that are used during the measurement of physical quantities that have standardized metrological characteristics. Their application is regulated by the Law of Ukraine “On Metrology and Metrological Activity”. Like similar devices, gas meters must be periodically standardized.
For natural gas consumers of Ternopil Region, standardization of gas meters is carried out by the authorized body Derzhspozhyvstandart – SE “Ternopilstandartmetrologia” on the laboratory equipment for standardization and repair of gas meters of the PrJSC “Ternopilgaz”.  


When calibrating, the metrological characteristics of the meter are determined. First of all – measurement errors, which are compared with the standard. Also the loss of gas pressure while passing through the meter, technical condition of the meter, tightness are checked.
Comparison of metrological characteristics with the standard is carried out on different modes of the meter operation: 
• with a minimum natural gas consumption;
• at 20% consumption of the maximum;
• at maximal consumption.
At maximal consumption and 20% consumption of the maximum metering error should not exceed + 3%… -3% for meters in operation, and + 1.5%… -1.5% for new meters after production or repair.
At minimal consumption, metering errors should not exceed + 3%… -6% for meters in operation and + 3%… -3% for new meters after production or repair.
In case of non-compliance with the established norms, the gas meter is considered unusable. The decision on unsuitability for further operation can be made also at considerable damage of a paint and varnish covering and corrosion of the meter’s case. 


Standardization period for industrial meters is 2 years.
Standardization period for household gas meters designed to meter the volume flow of natural gas up to 16 cubic meters per hour is determined by the manufacturer and depends on the type of a meter: 
• for membrane gas meters standardization period is 8 years;
• for rotary ones – 5 years.
Works related to periodic standardization (dismantling, transportation, standardization and installation) of gas meters for household consumers are carried out at the expense of the GDN Operator.
Works related to the periodic standardization of measuring units of the consumers, which are not household, are performed at the expense of the measuring units’ owner.


If the gas meter is in good condition after its standardization or repair, the GDN Operator is obliged to install it within two months from the date of removal. For the period of removal of the gas meter for periodic standardization, the GDN Operator shall install gas meters from the exchange fund of the enterprise, according to the reading of which the consumer’s calculations for the consumed natural gas are carried out. If instead of the temporarily removed meter it is impossible to install another one, settlements with the consumer are carried out depending on the average monthly (average daily) volume of natural gas consumption for the same period (heating or interheating) of the previous year or the actual consumption period (heating or interheating) is it makes less than six months


Standardization of laboratory of industrial gas meters allows standardization and verification of metrological characteristics of gas meters of turbine, rotor and ultrasonic types in the range of 0.4 cm/h, up to 2500 cm/h. The laboratory also has an opportunity to perform standardization on its own equipment of correctors-calculators of the natural gas volumes, sensors (converters) of pressure and temperature, measuring kits based on gas meters.
ndustrial meters of turbine and rotor type are checked, as a rule, in four operating modes where: 
• Q min (minimum gas consumption);
• Q t transition consumption; 
• 0.5 Q max (half the maximum consumption rate of the meter);
• Q max (maximal meter consumption). 
The maximal permissible value of the meter measurement error should not exceed 2% in the range from Q min to Q t  and 1% in the range from Q t to Q max.
For ultrasonic type meters, standardization is performed in the modes specified in the standardization methods of the manufacturers.


The service of state standardization of industrial gas meters in the PrJSC “Ternopilgaz” is available to all enterprises of Ukraine. Since March 2019, the company has put into operation an automated standardization unit for gas meters APU-G-011/2500. 
Установка має безліч переваг: 
• the automated control system provides several options for limiting the measurement cycle, and also, in emergency situations, provides shutdown of the entire system to prevent standards overloading;
• reference meters are located in front of the meters being verified. It allows to carry out urgent works with meters without preliminary washing;
• level of production noise – not more than 85dB, which does not interfere with the work of workers in the room where the unit is located; 
• quick-release fasteners allow you to spend the shortest time to change the meters, ensuring the prompt work of the employees.


Information on the gas meters state standardization can be obtained at the Contact Center of the PrJSC “Ternopilgaz” by phone numbers:  

(035) 2 519 904 – UKRTELECOM 
(097) 0 519 904 – KYIVSTAR 
(095) 0 519 904 – VODAFONE