Dear subscribers! Please pass metrics from the 1st to 5th of each month and in the case of gas smell, emergency call 104 If gas smell detects, call 104

How to transfer gas meters readings by Viber

Submit meter readings via Viber-bot 

“Viber-bot” is a new round-the-clock online service of the PrJSC “Ternopilgaz” is now available for consumers of natural gas in Ternopil Region. 

The instant messaging platform works on every smartphone, tablet or PC that has Viber installed. It allows: 

  • submitting gas meters online;
  • finding out the status of current debt on the personal account and the cost of the natural gas distribution service itself;
  • paying for the distribution of natural gas online.

Also, in the Viber-bot you will find information about the last recorded value of the gas meter. 

To be able to use the Viber-bot you only need to read this QR code with the device’s camera or use this link (only with smartphones)


Attention! We would like to inform you about the need to confirm the gas meter with a photo taken with the help of a smartphone camera. In case of a photo absence, the meter may not be counted! 

Always Yours – “Ternopilgaz”


Submit meter readings via the Viber of the Contact Center

To submit gas meter readings using Viber, you must provide the following data: 

1) personal account (six digits); 

2) surname and name (for whom the distribution agreement is registered); 

3) data of the meter (all digits to the comma); 

4) photo of the meter - required. Data and serial number of the meter must be clearly visible in the photo and send this message to the number of the Contact Center of the PrJSC “Ternopilgaz”: 

(097) 0 519 904 – KYIVSTAR 


(095) 0 519 904 – VODAFONE

Please pay your attention

In the absence of reliable meter readings, the volume of gas consumed is determined by the calculation method, as a result of which the fee for gas distribution in 2021 gas year may be overstated

We also remind you that if you have difficulties with the presentation of the gas meter via Viber, call the Contact Center at multi-channel phone numbers:

(035) 2 519 904 - UKRTELECOM 

(097) 0 519 904 - KYIVSTAR 

(095) 0 519 904 - VODAFONE 

A gas year is a period of time that lasts from October the 1st of the current year to September the 30th of the following calendar year. 

During October, the PrJSC “Ternopilgaz” forms the amount of your payment for the service of natural gas distribution for the next calendar year. It depends on the actual amount of natural gas consumption by your household for the gas year. 

To ensure the reliability of the meter readings at the end of the gas year, you can submit the gas meter readings via Viber until October the 5th of the current year.