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“Blakytnyi Vognyk-2021” – performances by the participants in Monastyryska

“Blakytnyi Vognyk-2021” – performances by the participants in Monastyryska

04.11.2021 08:21

“Blakytnyi Vognyk” is a festival-competition of artistic groups and soloists of gas companies in the region. Hundreds of employees of the regional enterprise Ternopilgaz love and wait for it every year. 

For the second year in a row, the coronavirus pandemic has raised the question of whether or not to hold the event. The organizers of the festival managed to find a way out. Listening to the concert programs of the participants was divided into different days and, thus, they managed to avoid crowds and adhered to the epidemic security measures. 

Yesterday the third day of listening to the participants of Buchach Department for the Gas Facilities Operation of Monastyryska section took place. The contestants gave the audience and each other a wonderful concert day and a lot of positive emotions. 

Congratulations to colleagues and we look forward to the artistic performances of the final, fourth, day of the audition, which will take place on Friday at Berezhany and Kozova Departments. 

Always yours – Ternopilgaz