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Saving Energy in Your Home is Your Personal Contribution to Strengthening Ukraine’s Energy Security

Saving Energy in Your Home is Your Personal Contribution to Strengthening Ukraine’s Energy Security

11.11.2021 09:19

The economical use of energy resources and improving the culture of their consumption in every home, in every workplace is the key to energy conservation of both of the city and of the state as a whole. 

In order to achieve a significant reduction in gas consumption at home, and thus save the family budget, the gas distribution company “Ternopilgaz” recommends residents of Ternopil Region to follow the following simple tips, namely: 

• replace old worn-out gas equipment with modern and economical one. The efficiency of old appliances is about 50%, while the energy efficiency of modern heaters is 90-93%. It is important to choose the optimal power of the boiler and pump. For example, if there is a peak, but infrequent, load, it is better to buy two boilers of lower capacity instead of one, one of which will work constantly, and the other will be switched on as needed; 

• proper use of building insulation, as well as proper thermal insulation of heated premises will significantly reduce heat loss and, accordingly, reduce the cost of natural gas for space heating. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures to insulate the premises of your home, namely the external walls and windows;

• the installed gas meter allows to reduce the amount of payments by approximately 30%; 

• when cooking, you should reduce the power of the gas burner by half immediately after the water boils. The best option when the diameter of the burner is less than the diameter of the bottom of the cookware in which you cook. In the upper part of the flame the temperature is the highest, and if it wraps around the bottom and goes beyond the cookware, the main part of the heat goes into the air; 

• heat only the required amount of food and water. Try to cook small portions in a gas oven less often. It is better to use a microwave oven to bake a few potatoes or make a hot sandwich; 

• do not boil more water than you need. You will drink a cup of tea, and the rest of the boiling water, on which natural gas was spent, will cool down after a while. Reheating it, among other things, is harmful to health; 

• deformed bottom of the cookware leads to gas consumption. And here ware with so-called grooves is ideally suited for a gas plate. Thanks to it the bottom heats up evenly and quickly. Very advantageous cookware with a double thermo-accumulating bottom, which also provides an even supply of heat or cookware with a wide flat bottom;

• clean the pan regularly. The more scale on it, the longer it heats up;

• the most energy-efficient cookware – stainless steel with a polished bottom, especially with a layer of copper or aluminum. Enamelled is uneconomical;

• the oven door must fit snugly against the hob and not emit hot air. It is better to cook on gas with the lid closed, unless the technology requires the opposite. Safe and convenient operation of gas and gas-using equipment is possible subject to compliance with the requirements of the Rules of safety of gas supply systems. 

• before switching on gas appliances, ventilate the room and leave the window or transom open for operation to keep the burners running and to ensure that the natural gas burns completely. 

• use gas appliances as intended. 

• it is forbidden to use gas stoves for space heating, it is dangerous! 

• do not leave working gas appliances unattended. 

• do not leave the burners on non-functioning gas appliances equipped with igniters. 

• admit gas service workers to your premises to carry out scheduled maintenance of gas supply systems in order to prevent gas leaks and to establish the operation of gas appliances, including safety automation. 

• if a gas odour is detected, call 104 immediately! 

Natural sources of energy are not limitless, leave this wealth to heirs! 

Always yours – Ternopilgaz