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Ready to accept any challenges

Ready to accept any challenges

27.10.2022 15:04

War is a terrible event that is constantly present in life of every Ukrainian. It is at the forefront of our reality. But despite everything, our nation, our people know how to wipe away tears and find that breath of fresh air that encourages us to move forward. Forward to work, and therefore to victory! The enterprise PrJSC “Ternopilgaz”, guided by its own motto - accident-free and uninterrupted gas supply, does not stop work on updating transport, which must always be ready in critical situations.

In 2022, three new vehicles were added to the emergency gas services of Buchach, Kozova Gas Management Department and Monastyryska District of Buchach Administration. This specialized transport has high possibility and a number of significant advantages, which makes it possible to arrive in the shortest possible time and prevent the occurrence of an emergency situation. You can call this service by dialling “104”. 

The cars are equipped with the most modern European-style equipment, namely: electronic gas detectors for the search for gas leaks, a tracer, perforators for drilling hard surfaces, generator, autonomous lighting, a motor pump for pumping out water, various tools, repair pads for locating gas leaks on pipelines of various diameters, etc. Such machines are economical and multifunctional. Therefore, the time to eliminate accident damage becomes many times shorter. 

During the martial law, the work of the ADS of the region remains unchanged. Their busy schedule is evidenced by statistics. Emergency calls were made at least 15 times f the day during the heating period. A total of 16 teams were formed, which made 1919 emergency exits in nine months of the current year. 

Also, in case there is no electricity supply, a gasoline generator with a capacity of 5.4 kW was handed over to Monastyryska District of Buchach Administration. The equipment is intended for use in emergency situations and as a backup power source.

Updating the composition of equipment is one of the important steps to optimize the operation of the enterprise, which also increases the efficiency of responding to emergency situations, reduces the downtime of transport due to malfunctions and repair costs. 

Always Yours “Ternopilgaz”