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We Did It! The Final Day of the Festival-Competition “Blakytnyi Vognyk-2021” in Berezhany and Kozova

We Did It! The Final Day of the Festival-Competition “Blakytnyi Vognyk-2021” in Berezhany and Kozova

05.11.2021 17:29

Excellent artistic performances, brilliant performances of young artists, wonderful playing on musical instruments and unforgettable emotions were given by employees of gas companies of the region during four days in different parts of Ternopil Region, as part of the festival “Blakytnyi Vognyk-2021”. 

Gasmen have proved once again that they are not only excellent specialists in their field, but also endowed with wonderful talents who can show each other and set a good example to their children and grandchildren.

Thanks to the strong support of the Chairman of the Board Oleg KARAVANSKYI in “Ternopilgaz” every employee has the opportunity to develop in sports, amateur art. For decades, regardless of external circumstances, the company’s policy has remained the same – to respect the talents of each person and unite the team through events of a sporting, artistic nature and leisure. 

Today in the towns of Berezhany and Kozova the final, fourth day of listening to the regional festival-competition “Blakytnyi Vognyk-2021” took place. Amateur artists of Berezhany Department for the Gas Facilities Operation and the Pidhaitsi section, Kozova Department and Zboriv section created a real art festival and ignited the hearts of the groups. 

According to the head of the united trade union “Ternopilgaz” Taras Hrytsiuk: “Such events will be organized in future, because they bring good and positive, unite families. And after the end of the coronavirus pandemic, “Ternopilgaz” will revive the wonderful traditions established by the Chairman of the Board Oleg Karavanskyi, to hold gala concerts and regional sports contests of Ternopil gas companies”.