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Modernization of gas networks and facilities continues

Modernization of gas networks and facilities continues

16.01.2023 11:39

“Ternopilgaz” is responsible for the uninterrupted operation of 228 gas distribution points of the region. Such complexes are designed to reduce gas pressure. Once every 10 days, the company’s specialists conduct an inspection of the technical condition, twice a year - adjustment, once a year - perform technical maintenance of the equipment. 

To carry out reconstruction of the gas networks is not just to fix them, it is to ensure the reliability of gas supply for decades to come. Nowadays put difficult task - to re-equip and rebuild networks to a technologically higher level, using modern technologies. In order to bring the fracturing unit and the network into compliance with the current consumption needs in the territory of the company’s licensed activity, it is necessary to carry out their reconstruction.

Despite the trials of the war, the company is modernizing gas networks and facilities on them. The reconstruction of hydraulic fracturing in Berezhany, Zbarazh, Monastyryska and Pidvolochysk Communities was successfully completed. New modern European-style buildings have been erected at these facilities, modern equipment has been installed, and the territory has been landscaped.

Maintenance and development of gas distribution system is our daily work, so that your homes are warm, comfortable and cosy.

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