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Our vocation is to give warmth to people

Our vocation is to give warmth to people

19.09.2022 09:51

Today, the entire country is united and stands side by side as a united front in the fight against the enemy. Our vocation is to provide warmth to every home, and in wartime to every trench or tent. Today, there are new needs, namely, production of small-scale stoves. 

As they say, “score is no sore”: in July 2022, Ternopilgaz employees developed a model and independently manufacture stoves for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, designed for heating and cooking. Their production continues until now. Due to the simplicity of design and small size, it is very convenient to use stoves in trenches or tents. The device heats up quickly and provides heat to temporarily cold rooms. 

We are helping and will continue to do so until we win! 

Always Yours – “Ternopilgaz”!