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New challenges and tasks for Ternopilgaz in 2022

New challenges and tasks for Ternopilgaz in 2022

23.06.2021 15:56

The gas distribution network of Ternopil Region is a complex mechanism that requires continuous maintenance, service and renewal. Ternopilgaz monitors the reliable operation of the system, and as a result, more than 210,000 consumers in the region receive warmth and comfort. 

The length of gas pipelines in the Ternopil Region is more than 12 thousand km.The first part of them is steel gas pipelines, and the second – polyethylene one. They are also divided by the length of service. Interestingly, today 425 km of pipes have been used for over 40 years. 2.6 thousand km is in operation from 25 to 40 years. To reduce and maintain the pressure in the gas distribution system, there are 229 gas control points and 1477 gas-control unit, 673 cathodic protection units. The company pays close attention to all these objects.

Each year in May-June, as part of the defence of the projects of the Enterprise Development Plan for the next year, each district gas management department reports on the implementation of the current Plan and presents facilities for protection that need immediate reconstruction, replacement or repair the next year. So it was this year. The defence of the projects of the Gas Distribution System Development Plan for 2022-2031 of the gas distribution company PrJSC “Ternopilgaz” took place on June 01-04, 2021. The defence was attended by heads and chief engineers of district administrations.

Previously, in 2022, Ternopilgaz plans to replace 16 kilometers of gas networks. The company will continue reconstruction and overhaul of electro-chemical protection equipment in the amount of 87 units, will replace technological equipment, gas pressure regulators, check valves. It is planned to reconstruct 66 gas control points and overhaul 4 gas-control unit buildings - to replace windows, doors and roofing. The construction of block-type gas control points will continue - 7 new block-type gas control units are to appear next year in Ternopil Region!

Open hearings of the draft program are planned for July 2021.

So, the renewal of gas networks and facilities on them is a guarantee of trouble-free natural gas distribution to the home of every consumer! 

Always yours – Ternopilgaz