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New modern gas distribution point Ternopil Region

New modern gas distribution point Ternopil Region

09.09.2022 07:54

At night of February 24, 2022, war broke into the lives of millions of Ukrainians. Our state, our home shuddered from explosions, screams, tears... You can never be ready for such a thing, you never hope for such a thing, a sober mind cannot perceive such a thing. However, we are a nation of kindness, honesty, and decency. God, truth and victory comes with us! These days, Ukrainians clearly understood that only they have the right to determine their own future. And while fierce battles for the freedom of our country continue on the front lines, we are in the rear, are holding our second defence front - the economic one. That is why the employees of the gas services of Ternopil Region work without stopping for a moment to complete the tasks planned for the current year 2022. Summer is a particularly hot time - it is the most favourable period for carrying out construction work of any complexity. Our employees are trying their best to fulfil the plan with maximum speed and quality. 

Thus, a new block-type gas distribution point was installed in a very short time in one of the villages of Ternopil Region. Reconstruction of the object took place one month, in August 2022. The new modern building is made of sandwich panels. This material has low hygroscopicity and high level of fire safety, excellent thermal insulation properties, thermal conductivity, resistance to moisture and other adverse factors. It is quite important that construction from sandwich panels is economically justified. This allows building the necessary building quickly and with minimal costs. In addition, the performance indicators of the material guarantee a long service life of the structure. Specialists of one of the gas management departments successfully launched a new European-type technological line installed at this facility, namely: Pietro Fiorentini Dival-600 gas pressure regulators (Italy). A new fence was also installed and the cathodic protection station for the protection of steel gas pipelines was replaced. 

The capacity of this block-type gas distribution point with new, modern equipment will guarantee safe, accident-free and uninterrupted gas supply to the homes of more than 600 domestic consumers of natural gas in Ternopil Region. Together to victory! 

We work for you, always yours Ternopilgaz!