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Dear friends, colleagues and partners!

Dear friends, colleagues and partners!

23.04.2022 08:45

My sincere congratulations to the employees of the gas economies of the region, labour veterans, pensioners and all, who uses gas on the occasion of this great and bright holiday – Christ’s Resurrection!

Easter is coming – such a solemn and long-awaited day. This holiday has long been revered by the people – for its sublimity and spirituality, for purity and peace. Ukrainians are experiencing the current Resurrection in a special way: the war knocked on the door of our common home – Ukraine, the soul cries ... the heart breaks ... the voice trembles when you want to greet such majestic and native from childhood words “Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!” So let the echo of the words of the Easter greeting reach every heart, endowing it with a bright faith in victory. I wish you and your families a peaceful life, true joy, and God’s grace. May the risen Christ fill us all with goodness and peace, and may Easter strengthen faith, give hope and confidence that Ukraine will win!

Let the holidays be blessed and peaceful!

Christ is Risen! Ukraine will rise!


Head of the Board of Directors Oleg Karavanskyy