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Reconstruction of cabinet gas control points in Ternopil Region

Reconstruction of cabinet gas control points in Ternopil Region

14.12.2022 15:32

Work of еру gas industry workers requires considerable vigilance and attention. With the start of a full-scale war in Ukraine, our responsibility to consumers has also increased. The company’s specialists are ready to respond instantly to any critical situation to ensure accident-free and uninterrupted distribution of natural gas. Despite the threats, blue fire should warm our homes, and faith in victory should warm our hearts. 

Ternopil Region has more than one and a half thousand cabinet gas control points. Ternopilgaz specialists check the efficiency of hydraulic fracturing and hydraulic fracturing equipment of gas control points and cabinet gas control points, shut-off valves, and cathodic protection installations with the help of a complex of maintenance works for gas networks. Every month, and if necessary, more often, technical inspections of the operation of each object are carried out. At the beginning and end of the heating period, the equipment is adjusted, once a year - its maintenance is carried out. 

In the conditions of war and extremely difficult situation in the country, Ternopilgaz team continues to modernize gas networks and facilities on them. During 2022, the enterprise carried out reconstruction of thirty-one cabinet gas distribution points in Ternopil, Chortkiv and Kremenets districts.

New buildings of the European model were assembled by the employees of district gas enterprises and equipped with modern equipment that meets the requirements for the standards of buildings and structures on gas pipelines. Improvement of the territory around each object was carried out: a fence, information signs, warning signs, etc. were installed.

The operation of the new cabinet gas control points increases the efficiency of the gas networks operation, allows to stably and reliably maintain the pressure within the specified parameters, protect the networks and gas appliances of consumers from pressure fluctuations, and reduce the consumption of process gas.

We work for you! Together to victory! 

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