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Reconstruction of the cabinet gas control point in Buchach

Reconstruction of the cabinet gas control point in Buchach

13.07.2021 08:29

Cabinet gas control points are designed to maintain and reduce the inlet pressure of natural gas in the gas distribution system. 

In addition, the proper operation of technological equipment and devices in the cabinet gas control points allow one to accurately determine the cost of gas, namely, to conduct its commercial accounting. Such objects are located in every settlement of Ternopil Region. Therefore, their modernization is a key issue in the daily activities of Ternopilgaz.

So, recently in the city Buchach reconstruction of cabinet gas control points with replacement of the equipment at Matrosova Street was carried out. This facility was commissioned in 1999. It was equipped with RD-50 gas pressure regulators. Equipment that has been in operation for more than 20 years has become obsolete: cracks have appeared on the regulator housings, numerous threaded connections have caused gas leaks, and outdated drain valves and regulator valves no longer allow normal regulation of natural gas outlet pressure.

Therefore, the specialists of Buchach Department of Gas Management replaced the old equipment. This cabinet gas control points is equipped with new modern pressure regulators Pietro Fiorentini Dival SQD-6 of the Italian production. Reconstruction of the facility has been completed and uninterrupted gas supply to up to 200 residential buildings has been provided.