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Christmas carol in Ternopilgaz

Christmas carol in Ternopilgaz

13.01.2022 17:44

Christmas carol is deep, sincere and pure in its truthfulness, content and simplicity. It is an invisible connection with the past, a bridge to posterity. This week it was repeatedly heard in Ternopilgaz, and most importantly – in the hearts of its employees. 

This special union of heaven and earth in Christmas joy was given to us by church choirs: of the village Rukomysh (padre Mykhailo), the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin of the UGCC (padre Vasiliy), the Holy Trinity Spiritual Center (padre Mykolai Zinkevych), Ternopil International Caritas Foundation, Velyki Gai Community (head of the united territorial community Oleh Kokhman). Patriotism permeated the nativity scene of the Ternopil Regional Council deputies.

Thanks to all those who gave the joy of Christmas to the employees of Ternopilgaz, human thoughts became purer and brighter, and soul was filled with faith, hope, love and warmth. 

Always yours – Ternopilgaz.