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Greetings from the management of the PrJSC “Ternopilgaz” on a professional holiday

Greetings from the management of the PrJSC “Ternopilgaz” on a professional holiday

09.09.2022 09:37

Ternopilgaz – a company with many years of experience and traditions

Dear employees of gas enterprises of the region, labour veterans, pensioners and all natural gas consumers 

Please accept our sincere congratulations on the occasion of the professional holiday - Day of workers of the oil, gas and oil refining industry. 

This day is a great opportunity to express gratitude to those who chose the profession of a gas engineer. This is a holiday of people who devoted their entire conscious lives to an important cause - the development of the state’s energy system. Effective work of the domestic industry, comfort and warmth in the homes of Ukrainians, provision of uninterrupted transportation of natural gas for all categories of consumers depends on our honest work with you. 

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you and your families good health, earthly bounties, professional balance and stability, human respect and gratitude. Victory to us and a boundless peaceful sky over Ukraine! 



Head of Ternopilgaz

Volodymyr KARABASKYY, 

The First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Ternopilgaz