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New Road – New Gas Networks in Berezhany

New Road – New Gas Networks in Berezhany

24.11.2021 08:04

Reconstruction of gas networks is underway in the town Berezhany, Ternopil Region. To date, Ternopilgaz has replaced 1,480 meters of the gas pipeline on Rogatynska Street, 240 meters on Ternopilska Street, and replaced 61 yard entrances. 

The expediency of replacing the gas pipeline on these streets was indisputable in connection with the construction of a new highway M-12 Stryi - Ternopil - Kropyvnytskyi - Znamianka, which is the subject of large-scale construction in 2021 and runs through the city. Employees of the capital construction department of the main enterprise and Department for the Gas Facilities Operation have completed all the necessary works. 

Also, the construction of a new road surface was carried out on Sichovi Striltsi Street, which required deepening of the gas pipeline, which was laid along the street. Thus, in October 2021, Ternopilgaz employees deepened 190 meters of gas networks and replaced 13 yard inputs for consumers. The works were performed in accordance with the developed project documentation of the company for construction, reconstruction and repair of the roads “BM-BUD”. 

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