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The first night of the play “The Snow Queen” on the occasion of St. Nicholas Day

The first night of the play “The Snow Queen” on the occasion of St. Nicholas Day

28.12.2021 09:07

Ternopilgaz sums up the results of the past year. Step-by-step renewal and maintenance of the proper state of the region’s gas supply system, ensuring uninterrupted and trouble-free delivery of natural gas to each consumer in the most remote corners of the region – this is the daily work of 1,400 workers who are waited at home. Therefore, it is a good tradition of the united trade union organization together with the administration of the company to hold events for children and grandchildren of the employees on the occasion of St. Nicholas Day. To give unforgettable emotions and joy to the little ones is the goal and main task of the action organizers. 

Thus, on December 18, 2021, young spectators from all over the region were invited to Ternopil Taras Shevchenko Academic Regional Drama Theater to the first night of the play “The Snow Queen”. About 600 participants of the event, including 370 children, met, talked, took photos and enjoyed the action in the warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere of the New Year’s Eve. And every little spectator received a New Year’s gift from St. Nicholas.

We value our children who are worthy of a decent future, and through our daily work we set a good example for them to follow.

Always yours – Ternopilgaz