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Ternopilgaz continues to modernize its car fleet

Ternopilgaz continues to modernize its car fleet

11.03.2021 08:03

Motor vehicles of the enterprise must be reliable and ready to perform operational tasks under any conditions. Therefore, the main task in “Ternopilgaz” is the annual renewal of the car fleet, reducing the financial costs of their maintenance, writing off old equipment. 

Given the stable positive dynamics of renewal over 10 years, the company could reduce the average age of transport to 10-12 years, and thus significantly reduce the cost of repairs, maintenance and fuel. 

Therefore, this February the company purchased 3 Renault Duster 4x4 cars, which were transferred to Buchach, Zalishchyky and Zboriv District Gas Facilities. 

Also, the company carries out round-the-clock control over the readiness of emergency gas services of the region, the mobility of which depends on the efficiency of response to possible emergencies. After all, during the heating season there is no right to make a mistake! 

Upgrading cars allows to decommission technically obsolete cars of Soviet production such as UAZ, GAZ, ZIL and others. The main principle of Ternopilgaz’s work is to ensure trouble-free and uninterrupted distribution of natural gas to each consumer.