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Ukrainian-Polish cooperation and European technologies of "Ternopilgaz"

Ukrainian-Polish cooperation and European technologies of "Ternopilgaz"

09.08.2021 08:14

Installation of high-quality gas equipment allows to maintain gas networks at the appropriate level and maintain their reliable operation. That is why Ternopilgaz partners are leading European producers in the field of gas supply. One of them is Elektrometal SA, a Polish manufacturer of goods for the gas and mining industries. 

The company manufactures combined domestic gas pressure regulators, plastic boxes for gas equipment that can be used outdoors and the production of goods designed to work under difficult and dangerous environmental conditions. 

On July 27, 2021, a regular meeting of the First Deputy Chairman of the Board of the PrJSC “Ternopilgaz” Volodymyr KARAVANSKYI and the Director of the Gas Market Office of Elektrometal S.A. Joseph SPERNOL. The parties discussed use of the goods of the Polish company in Ternopil Region and further cooperation. 

Last year, Ternopilgaz began active work on installation of plastic boxes in Ternopil Region. Unlike metal one, such boxes are not subject to corrosion, are resistant to ultraviolet and atmospheric influences and are characterized by mechanical strength to deformation, as well as do not interfere with the remote transmission of data from gas meters. And their durability reaches more than 20 years! 

Work on the installation of equipment that meets Ukrainian and European standards will continue. 

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