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Replacement of the gas pipeline section in Chortkiv

Replacement of the gas pipeline section in Chortkiv

28.04.2021 14:21

During comprehensive instrumental inspection method of underground gas pipelines in Chortkiv, the service of monitoring the condition of gas networks of the PrJSC “Ternopilgaz” detected gas leaks on Mystetska Street. This gas pipeline was put into operation in 1989. It distributes natural gas to more than 1,500 consumers, so the decision to replace the damaged and old 130-meter section was a no-brainer. In addition, the street is located in the neighborhood of the Railway Station. 

Trenching, backfilling with sand and rubble and other earthworks for preparation and replacement of the gas pipeline were performed by employees of the construction and installation section of the main enterprise of Chortkiv District Gas Economy of the PrJSC “Ternopilgaz”. Specialists did everything possible to ensure that gas supply to consumers was limited to only one and a half days, although the work to replace the pipeline lasted more than a week, from 08th to 16th of April 2021. Restoration of the road surface, pavement and sidewalk will also be carried out at the expense of Ternopilgaz on the basis of an agreement with Communal Enterprise “Blagoustriy”. 

At the border of households, 15 new modern gas metering units were installed and 94 meters of gas inlets were replaced. 

Renewal of gas distribution networks of the region is an integral goal of the company, achieving which it is possible to ensure trouble-free and uninterrupted distribution of natural gas to each consumer! 

Always Yours - Ternopilgaz!